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Monday Escape: Porlamar, Venezuela


Porlamar is the largest city on Isla Margarita,  in Venezuela, and it is the central hub of the island with shops, excellent restaurants and booming nightlife, all supported mostly by European and Venezuelan tourism.

Because the city holds about a third of Isla Margarita’s population, at about 100,000 residents, it is at the very center of the area’s commerce and economy, and it’s where things happen. In fact, it has been granted free-port status since 1973, meaning that its boutique-lined avenues are a premiere place to stay fashionable in Venezuela.

The city is also ideal for the expat on the move, with the nearby Del Caribe International General Santiago Marino Airport (PMV) just 20 km southwest of the city center, which has direct flights and regular service to Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Of course, Isla Margarita has plenty of attractions to entice you to stay, too. It hosts breathtaking scenery, from white sandy beaches to its rugged mountain range, as well as sizzling nightlife and thrill-seeking adventure.

Among the many beaches (as many as 50), Playa El Agua, in the north, is the most popular with 4 km of fine sand. Playa El Yaque is internationally known as an excellent location for windsurfing, with Playa Parguito, Playa Caribe, and Playa Punta Arenas also being popular beaches.

The island was originally discovered by Europeans through Christopher Columbus way back in 1498, and it was on Margarita Island that Simón Bolívar was confirmed as Commander in Chief of Venezuela in 1816. From there he started a nine-year campaign to free Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia from the Spanish Crown. Needless to say, the area has a rich historical background.

Porlamar definitely has all the benefits of an international city combined with all the perks and atmosphere of a Caribbean island. Come here and you’ll want to stay!


One thought on “Monday Escape: Porlamar, Venezuela

  1. Porlamar now has almost no nightlife. 5 years ago there were a mainfold selection of clubs and late night venues. Now the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer leading to regular attacks on foreigners and people with money now think twice about opening businesses due to a terrible crime rate.
    Resteaurants – yes quite good Italian restaurants only in the 2 main shopping Malls. Never wear jewelry or expensive watches and if you are approached by a gun man which you can expect if you live there never resist. In short find somewhere else to go.

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