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10 Reasons to Move to Spain

Relocation to another country is a big step. However, millions have successfully relocated to Spain, made it their home and enjoy their newfound benefits. EU law has given us freedom of movement and rights making this easier than ever before.

Consider these 10 points – could your life benefit?

spain jog

1. Health

Many regions of Spain have over 300 days of sun a year. Living in the sun has been medically linked to better health. People have been advised to move to the sun and free themselves from Seasonally Affected Disorder, SAD.


2. Lifestyle

Living in the UK during those short dismal grey days and early nights forces virtual hibernation. How about a life spent socialising with friends and neighbours enjoying a more outdoor type of life, maybe around a swimming pool or on the local beach. But if that does not appeal, do not forget Spain also offers beautiful inland countryside areas as well.


3. Mediterranean Diet

A plentiful supply of locally grown cheap fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil and more seafood all combine to provide a healthy diet and increased longevity. Another of the recent claims is that this diet eases depression. Spain produces good quality affordable red wine to accompany your meal.


4. Children

For those whose children have not yet left home would it benefit them to grow up learning a foreign language as a native? Being a high priority in Spain the education system is well funded and organised. Integrating with the locals and other nationalities to become a true European will provide great career opportunities. Children adapt easily and soon enjoy their new surroundings and friends.


5. New Options

Tired of the rat race? Maybe the thought of trading down appeals to you so why not Spain. Despite the financial situation business opportunities still exist for the prudent entrepreneurs to become their own bosses.


6. Culture

Despite its recent building boom and rapid development into one of Europe’s most advanced countries, with modern road and rail infrastructure, there is still a great deal to see as it is a very diverse country offering a vast range of architecture, cultures and history to explore.


7. Early Retirement

Is a real opportunity for lots of people these days with companies down sizing and offering incentives packages. Spain is a great country for those wishing to enjoy their retirement without career responsibilities or dependent children to consider. Being only around a 2-hour flight from the UK means you are not totally cut off from those you leave behind.


8. Hobbies and Ambitions

Everyone has a list of these, which can be either leisure or for financial gain. Painting, writing, cooking, running special interest holidays, donkey sanctuary, or whatever your ideas or dreams are you could find the perfect location in one the many differing regions of Spain.


9. Property

Detached villa with private pool, country finca with acres of land, or maybe an apartment overlooking the Mediterranean all these and more are options in Spain. Now has never been a better time to buy with a fantastic choice of new and resale properties at realistic prices.


10. The Challenge

Moving abroad is a challenge. However, it can be exciting and rewarding to set up your home abroad and undertake fresh and exciting stimulus. Spain offers different cultures but is not a radical country. It is stable, forward thinking and has come a long way since Franco times with its modern established democracy. This makes it a serious contender as a relocation alternative.

I hope that this list has focussed your ideas. So why sit down with your family and discuss your reasons to consider if Spain is the right move for you. Invigorate your life!

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This guest post was brought to you by Rob Innis, a freelance writer, photographer, and expat from the UK living in Alicante, Spain. you can follow along his experience by reading his blog, Rob in Espana.


12 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Move to Spain

  1. Ok. I’m convinced. I want to move to Spain. I want to live in that house (or is that villa?) you have in the photo that goes with reason number 9.

    Great article!

  2. I love these reasons! How soon can I pack my bags?! These are all excellent reasons to become an expat alone, not just move to Spain, but the qualities listed here that are unique to Spain make Spain even more appealing. Great post–fantastic photos!

  3. Get packing we have room for one more! Yes perhaps the reasons do have a broader appeal – had not thought of that.
    Thanks for your kind comments, appreciated. I can’t claim all of the photos but 5 were selected from my online albums.

  4. I have always thought I was Spanish in another life. I was there in the 80’s and fell in love. I am 52 and think i need a change. I cant just retire there but would need a job. How does one go about seeking employment there while I am here in the US? How does one find a house? Id love to look into resources available – any thoughts? I speak spanish so so. I have been told its better than I think…What areas Towns/ Cities in Spain should a single middle aged female consider… are there areas that have an abundance of americans?

  5. Hi Amy – OK jobs are currently difficult, Spain now has one of the highest unemployments in Europe. Houses are easy – there are lots for sale or rent – use agents, local papers or internet to search. Just google. But of course as you are non EU you have to consider Visas etc as you do not have EU citizen privileges /same as with us for USA)I think Americans tend to congregate in either Madrid or Barcelona. Where there is a will there is a way. Good Luck.

  6. Hi Rob,

    Brilliant book. Well done. My partner and I are possibly moving to Spain in 6 months. We don’t have to look for work as my partner works offshore so will fly home to Spain every few weeks. I found your book very entertaining and even if you don’t want to become an expat it is a good read.

  7. Thanks Myra – appreciate your comments and taking time to post and review on Amazon. Hope your plans work out and enjoy Spain.

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